Winemaking is an art arisen from the heart

La Svolta was founded by a family that has always believed in the enological potential of its land and has gained a long time expertise in winemaking.

Thanks to its wonderful position and its cutting-edge structure that blends in perfectly with the landscape, our winery stands out from an architectural and environmental point of view and arouses a sense of wonder in our guests.

We carry out ourselves the whole winemaking process being both wine-growers and cellar masters. True dedication in every phase of winemaking is the key to making quality wines that represent us.

Our vineyards are cultivated in a way that minimizes environmental impact. Chemical herbiced are not used. The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand to protect their integrity and preserve the vine. The different varieties of grapes undergo separated vinification processes so that the characteristics of every single batch can be analyzed and evaluated to achieve the desired cuvèe.


Have you ever had a dream?

This is a dream I dreamt a long time ago

I used to look at my grandfather on his tractor with admiration and awe as little children once did before men.

I look at my father gently harvesting the grapes as if every grape were a piece of art.

I look at my mother cheerfully welcoming those who come by for a chat and a glass of good wine.

I began to think of a way to prevent their work and their passion from going lost.

I have always wanted to do my part.

As a young boy I did it by driving my grandfather's tractor and now I do it by making quality wines in which my technical expertise and my forefathers' traditional knowledge intertwine. Fine wines that enshrine my grandparents' sacrifices, my father's love for his land and the perseverence of the women of my family.

My sister tastes the wines to capture their essence and make sure their aromas and tastes reflect the peculiarites of their origin site.

This is how La Svolta was born. A winery that turns to the future with gratitude for the past and uses advanced techniques while treasuring our family's values such as simplicity, authenticity, commitment and devotion. Those values that turn our work in our dream and our dream in our work.

Renzo Moret