La Svolta is a family run business but first and foremost a family. We love our land and select its very best grapes for our wines.

We have always carried out every phase of the winemaking process ourselves, from the planting of the vines to the vinification and eventually the bottling, with care, devotion and enthusiasm to obtain a high-quality natural product. We combine technological innovation with the expertise gained through the years to make a natural wine renowned for its authenticity. Every bottle stores the trace of the tight bond between land and vines, the memory of an exceptionally good soil and the sign of our family's great dedication.

Our values are the backbone of our winery: respect for our land and its traditions, fairness in the relation with our clients,
love for our land and devotion to winemaking.

The bond with our land is made of this. We want to make “la Svolta” known through quality wines.

Emotion emanates from quality and we want to share it with all of you every time a bottle is cracked open.

As words are similar to wine:
it takes breath and time
for the velvety voice to reveal
their ultimate taste.
Luis Sepùlveda